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22 May 2012 @ 11:00 pm
I love lee taeri update  

warning heavy pictures 

some pictures are from the private fanmeeting , only lucky ones have made it there 

it's funny how kibum was the only one in the cast that giving hugs :P . oh fangirls I'm proud of you.

bless that smile , lol@her face 

he looks hot , I LOVE that hairstyle on him remind me of Don't don .. the good days , I hope his hair will become like this in the drama.

photos of ELF project :') 

final posters ! 

6 days until the drama start ! , I can hardly wait omg.

lol @3:00 , I think I will enjoy this drama but the storyline is so confusing 
sorry for being a lazy mod and sorry for late updates :( 
credit ;tvN_2taly
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